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As revealed by a reformed undercover investigative journalist and network TV news correspondent turned business psychologist & communication specialist

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"The challenge I faced before working with Seán was winning work through sales pitches. He put me at my ease with his humour and his honesty while showing us some practical and psychological skills...from how to walk into a room to how to change our mindset. Within two weeks I helped my team win more than $645,000 of business - business we would not have won without Seán's training."

David Spencer
Architect - Broadway Malyan

"I'd lacked confidence at work for far too many years and, no matter what training or support I received, nothing has worked. I felt I couldn't change so opted to stay in the background. After working with Seán everything DID change like never before. I applied for a challenging international job that I didn't think I would get. But, applying his techniques not only helped me to gain the promotion AND a pay increase, but also a boost to my natural confidence. And this has helped me no end in my new role. A massive thank you to Seán!"

Kate Spicer
Talent Management Advisor - Arriva plc

"I sometimes struggled with public speaking, but then went on a course with Seán. Furthermore he gave me confidence in myself and was approachable and helpful when I had queries. And two weeks afterwards I undertook a presentation in front of a new client and won $73,000 of business from just that interview!"

Matt Giblin
Senior Quantity Surveyor - PMP Consultants Ltd

"I recommended Seán to a client of mine recently as he clearly lacked the confidence to put my training into action. In just six weeks, the transformation is remarkable. After one session with Seán and regular e-learning, he sounds much more confident, controlled and focused. And he has also received a number of high quality referrals in that time."

Andy Lopata
Europe’s Leading Networking Strategist

"Working in the communications field, it is vital that you understand people in order to get the message across to them clearly and effectively. This was one major challenge I had before working with Seán. I am now much more aware of the signs – this person is bored, this one needs more persuasion, and that one is just not listening. Thanks to this new skill, I can adjust my approach on my feet and gain the support of the people I am presenting to. As a direct result, I am now confident in giving short speeches on the spot, reacting to unexpected incidences while presenting or giving speeches, and I am a better communicator!"

Eman Al Awadhi
Group Communications Director - Kuwait Projects Co. (KIPCO)

"Thanks to you Seán, both easyJet and I have benefited because of the way I and the company came across. You definitely gave me the confidence and belief in myself to deal with presenting to a large professional audience in a manner that was dynamic and brought to life a subject which is normally considered dreary!"

Pritesh Dattani
Head of Internal Audit - easyJet

"Seán is passionate about helping people to excel, and helping them to achieve their potential. Some of his methods for how to push and encourage people to achieve are a little out of the ordinary – and all the better for it.“If you want a run of the mill, tick the box ‘course’ then Seán may not be for you. If you want him to nudge someone outside of their comfort zone so that they can communicate confidently and more effectively, he’s your man!"

Barry Horgan
Training Manager - Petro-Canada

Who Is Seán Brickell?

Seán, who's the Founder of Business Impact, is a reformed undercover investigative journalist and network TV news correspondent & presenter turned business psychologist and communication specialist.

During his award-winning career he’s been held at gunpoint a few times by angry men in ugly situations, met and interviewed some very diverse people, from presidents and pop stars to paedophiles and professional assassins and all the many fascinating people in between.

Although he still appears in the media, although as a commentator, his self-development business focuses on helping business professionals like you achieve the greater promotions, pay increases, business deals and the respect and recognition you may have thought you couldn’t applying the life experience and science based practical and psychological skills that transform people's work life successes.

In his spare time, Seán indulges a love of his family, his true friends, taking part in sport, from tennis and cycling to adventure racing and windsurfing and chocolate fudge cake!

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Seán is regularly asked to appear on TV, the radio and in print & online publications talking about confidence & communication and self-development, as you can see by clicking this link...

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